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Helping businesses build and share awesome learning with staff and clients.

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Effectively Engage Clients

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Our Advantages

Efficient Learning

Our rapid course builder enables more efficient staff onboarding and client education.

Reselling Opportunities

Create ongoing customer communities for ongoing engagement and marketing opportunities.

Flexible Collaboration

With a fully responsive user experience, collaborate anywhere and any time.

Features and Benefits

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Share and interact with posts on the dashboard
Improved team engagement
Chat and get notifications on the go
Better connection and communication
Create learning and channels
Increased leadership and retention
Download course completion and progress
Analyse learning success and team goals
Customize your theme and branding
Holistic approach to communication and learning
Sell courses and monthly channel memberships
Added value to clients and community



Matthew Moate


Opentute is helping our organisation to broaden the reach and effectiveness of our communication with the Australian grape and wine industry.

As a peak national body, this is a user friendly tool that allows us to offer greater value to our members and the wider industry to better connect, communicate and learn.

Dr Robert Ali

University of Adelaide

As an educator and health professional, I have worked with many companies and institutions over the years. Opentute was able to provide a learner-centric approach that enhanced learner outcomes.

This product has improved the outcomes of our research project, the ASSIST, which has been an important part of my work with the University these past 15 years.

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