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Amanda Moretta, Program Coordinator, Wine Australia

Opentute is a user-friendly learning tool that has allowed us to share and deliver a suite of online learning materials nationally. The learnings are easy to create and give us the flexibility to moderate which audiences view our content. We’ve received fantastic support in establishing our portal and now other business areas are adopting its use.

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Why Opentute

  • Engaged Learners

    With a humanised approach to learning design, motivate learners with Checkpoints, micro-learning and native apps.

  • Activated Network

    Activate external stakeholders and clients with open API and Zapier integrations.

  • Enabled Leaders

    Authorise Experts to publish learning Channels for regular email broadcasts, deeper discussions and broader Q&A sessions.

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Dr Robert Ali. University of Adelaide

As an educator and health professional, I have worked with many companies and institutions over the years. Opentute was able to provide a learner-centric approach that enhanced learner outcomes. This product has improved the outcomes of our research project, the ASSIST, which has been an important part of my work with the University these past 15 years.

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