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Company: WHO Collaborating Centre, University of Adelaide

Industry: E-Learning/Health          

No of Users: 584

The ASSIST (Alcohol, Smoking and Substance Involvement Screening Test) is the accumulative effort of a group of international addiction specialists developed for the World Health Organisation (WHO). Associate Professor Robert Ali is a key member of this group. Dr Ali is based out of the University of Adelaide and is a specialist in Addiction Medicine.

Dr Ali across his career has worked with many institutions. Initially, he enlisted the help of Moodle to promote his ASSIST modules. Happy but seeking more, Dr Ali searched far and wide for a trusted platform that would increase user satisfaction.

He eventually turned to Opentute. ‘As an educator and health professional’, Dr Ali knows a successful and efficient learning tool when he sees one. He believes he has that in Opentute. Through his tailored ‘ASSIST’ portal, Dr Ali has been able to reach a widespread audience through different learning modules. Opentute’s platform has helped Dr Ali improve the outcome of his research which has been an important part of his work over the past 15 years.

Opentute was able to provide a learner-centric approach that enhanced learner outcomes.”

Dr Robert Ali

Clinical Affiliate and Associate Professor Discipline of Pharmacology

University of Adelaide