Augmented Learn-ality

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Travis Clapp, 26 Jun 2017

We all watched the promos in avid anticipation and hoped Google Glass would improve user-centric learning. It had to, right? What could be better than a stepped, assess-able approach to learning that morphed reality transposing learning requirements in the moment, through the eyes of the viewer?

I remember discussing the possibilities of Glass-led, augmented reality driven surgeon training on the operating table, at an interview in 2014. Luckily, I got the job – unfortunately, Glass hit the “glass ceiling” of what the world was ready to accept…

Yes, the world breathed a sigh of relief mixed with anguish the day Glass died (noting the upgrade last week!).  Only to be replaced years later by Snapchat Spectacles… which was not exactly an epiphany for eLearning!  ‘How do I take a selfie with these again?’

Freaky Blinkers

I am a big believer in morphing reality with training, particularly in medical application, real time scenario and augmented reality, in general. However, we haven’t really got it right yet – well, without the perverse fear of big brother and creepiness anyway!

Obviously, we’re just not ready to accept 24/7 recording of our lives – we’d much prefer to fragment our daily lives filtered through Snapchat, Facebook, Youtube live and Instagram stories, selling our “free” data to the highest bidder abroad…. Oh wait! Perhaps there’s a better approach…

The Learning Loop

I recently read an interview of Ried Hoffman (creator of Paypal), who discussed the concept of the ‘learning loop’, which Entrepreneur Magazine summarised here:

The simplest way to define “learning loop” is as a process in which your goals are constantly modified by experience. ‘

To create truly engaging learning, businesses and organisations need to stop trying to force training out and embed learning and development into everyday communications, connections and the online experience. Let’s face it, that’s where they’ll be anyway, whether it’s on Facebook, Linkedin or Instagram. Why not immerse your team and clients in your blended communications and learning loop?

Augmented Learn-ality

So, how does all this consolidate in the idea of ‘augmented learn-ality’ and what the heck does that mean anyway? Learning loops, Google Glass and daily innovations in tech are all pointing us in one direction: the immersive, embedded, cyclical learning experience.

Businesses, universities and organisations need to invest sooner rather than later in their own online and blended communities to take advantage not only of the power of connected, “sticky” and holistic team experiences but also the strength of augmented learning loops.

Augmented ‘learn-ality’ is here to stay.

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