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Opentute on Zapier

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Opentute has recently enabled Open API to be used by Super admins and Approved Experts (where enabled on each portal).


  • If enabled, in your settings (Cog icon > Settings), you will see the Open API area with ‘Reset API Key‘ button.
  • Simply click this to generate, copy the code and paste it along with the URL of your portal to enable a Zap on

Creating Zaps is a great way to automate processes and engagement with your learning community. Here are some great examples to get you started…

  1. Google Calendar: Sync your upcoming calendar items and create channel or news posts as events in your portal
  2. Eventbrite: Create free or paid events on Eventbrite to automate new user invitations and handle automatic enrolments into courses and channels
  3. Hubspot: Create posts in advance to push to channels or your news feed or send new/updated user data to Hubspot
  4. New York Times: Generate regular news posts to a channel or news feed