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Opentute vs Thinkific : Thinkific Alternative

In this post, we will provide you with a comprehensive comparison to show how Opentute is a better alternative to Thinkific. 

Choosing the right online learning or training platform for your business has never been so difficult. The rise of the creator’s economy has triggered multiple me too platforms that promise trainers and coaches to become an overnight success. However, the path to building a successful online training business requires planning and choosing the right platform for your business.

Let’s just start by giving a brief rundown of why large enterprises & training businesses to solopreneurs, love Opentute and find it a better alternative to Thinkific.

  1. Unlike other online course builders, Opentute provides a super easy-to-use online course building tool. No more complex and long forms to fill. There is virtually no difference between the edit and live mode of the course content. What you see is what you get!
  2. Fully customisable platform from colour, font to language of the tool. If you want the entire platform to be in Russian, French, or any other language, it’s super flexible.
  3. When your learners come to your platform you can customize the entire onboarding experience to your purpose and brand.
  4. Community learning and engagement are a part of every aspect of the Opentute learning platform. Trainers can create multiple learning cohorts or allow learners to engage right where the learning content resides.
  5. Payment is super easy with in-built Stripe integration or you can use your own payment process and automate with Zapier. Opentute and Zapier combo can help you supercharge your learning experience.
  6. If there is more than one tutor then you can effectively have one-on-one coaching programs where learners can book and pay for time directly from the platform.
  7. Finally, market and sell with a public-facing website with Zapier automation, custom API integrations, robust membership site features including content via paid custom pages, channel subscriptions, numerous direct integrations with your existing business tools, and even portal license memberships.

Opentute’s flexible pricing and features make it suitable for companies that are just starting or looking to expand. We have customers from various industry verticals who are in the mission of building their own community platform. And this is just the tip of the iceberg! 

We’re confident that Opentute is well suited for serious course creators looking to build an online training business.

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Read on below for the full play-by-play with feature-by-feature detail, and the most thorough comparison on the planet.

Who uses Opentute?

Opentute’s aim is to empower education providers who care deeply about their learner’s experience. So it’s social with live news feed, mobile-first with free apps and has ecommerce for selling recurring memberships, channel licenses and courses. Opentute customers range from entrepreneurs growing their specialised training market – to mid-sized businesses looking to grow their companies with impactful education for their audiences.

Who uses Thinkific?

Thinkific is generally targeting entrepreneurs who want to quickly host their online course and start selling online. Hence it is well suited for companies or trainers who want to sell just an online course and are not looking to build an online learning community.


The main thing that is common between Thinkific and Opentute is that both of the platforms provide an easy-to-use tool for building an online course. But this is where the commonality ends. Thinkific is very much focused on building marketing sites for trainers, whereas Opentute is aiming to build a better learning experience for the students and tutors.

Have questions along the way? Reach out! Our support team is standing by, and we’d love to hop on a call or chat with you about your business.

Opentute vs. Thinkific: Detailed Comparison

Learning Creation in Opentute

Thinkific and Opentute, both, deliver a standard online course learning experience with the left-hand side showing table of contents and the right-hand side showing the learning content – videos, images, pdfs and so on.

The other features which both platforms have are assessments, certificates, uploading multimedia files, enabling course discussion, survey monkey support, embedding Google slides & presentations, reporting and so on.

Now that we have a sense of what’s similar, let’s take a look at how these two platforms differ:

Opentute Thinkific
Assessments and Scoring Allows tutors or facilitators to access the learner’s submission and score the assignment right in the learning module. Only allows tutors to access the assignment and mark it complete. But doesn’t have scoring features.
Video content Allows you to upload your own video or embed YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Instagram, YouKu. You can also enable force completion for video content. Limited to only uploading videos. If you need to embed from Youtube or Vimeo, you need to use their HTML editor.
SCORM For serious learning and development companies, SCORM is a standard eLearning content format. With Opentute, you can upload your SCORM module directly in your course. Feature not offered.
Branded free mobile apps Enable registration directly via our free Opentute app to provide updates, discussions and learning without ever leaving your phone. Apps not offered.
Email broadcasts Collate one or more admin posts to the entire learning community via the news feed into email broadcasts. Better yet, enable approved experts in your learning community to create infinite groups and channels with email broadcasting, likes, sharing and commenting! Feature not offered


Market & Sell in Opentute

You’ve got a course – now you need learners. Marketing and selling are the primary tasks of any course creator.

First, how we’re similar – both platforms offer standard integrations with external marketing-related tools like Zapier, though only Opentute integrates directly with, popular and powerful events selling eCommerce platform.

Other similarity includes providing support to stripe, social logins and so on.

Here’s a deeper dive into what makes these two platforms stand apart when it comes to marketing and selling your course:

Opentute Thinkific
Learning Stories Much like Stories on social media, enable experts to rapidly publish microlearning as posts directly from the app itself! Feature not offered
Calendar Create and manage events from within any post on the news feed or channels with quick access via the Opentute calendar. Feature not offered
Multi-lingual Launch more than one portal, perhaps offering one in Russian in Russia or French in France! Moreover, you can create your own custom language for the portal. Similar to Opentute, Thinkific provides language support but if the language is not available, you need to contact their support.
Gamification Out of the box, Opentute gamifies the experience for your learning community with badges based upon your status and activities. Feature not offered
WordPress and Woocommerce If you have built your own eCommerce platform on WordPress and woo-commerce, then with Zapier integration you can automate your entire sales and onboarding process. Not provided out of the box.

Site Design & Customisation in Opentute

On the surface, both Opentute and Thinkific allow landing page design functionality and custom pages. 

With an Opentute portal, the site is optimised for mobile-first interaction, with the ability to publish any Learning and/or Channel publicly to encourage purchasing and sign-up.

Opentute Thinkific
Bespoke Solutions Want more? We partner with Web Design Cafe to offer customised public CMS pages, integrations, or whatever you can imagine! Feature not offered – one default theme only.


Learner Experience in Opentute

Opentute is a mobile-first learning platform where every element of the platform is optimised for mobile apps (both iOS and android). Thinkific, however, doesn’t provide any mobile app.

Further with Opentute, you are not just selling online courses but also building your own branded online learning platform. This is a key difference between Opentute and Thinkific, and many other platforms. 

With Opentute, you can build your own LinkedIn or Facebook. Hence, you own your community platform and deliver your own branded experience through the web and mobile. 

In addition, Opentute can also help set up your own branded mobile app. For example, our client Prime Practice has its own mobile learning platform PrimeGo, which is a branded version of the Opentute app.  

Opentute Thinkific
Course welcome & completion emails Create custom emails on a course-by-course basis to welcome learners to your site and to the courses they purchase, and to congratulate them upon completion of their course. Feature not offered
Mobile Apps (iOs and Android) Opentute’s site is designed to be fully mobile responsive, allowing your learners to seamlessly transition between desktop and mobile devices with complete access and progress tracking within your course. Try out free apps for yourself and join Opentute Hub for a full learning community experience! Feature not offered. Only mobile responsiveness. 
Custom Welcome popup Fully customize your signed-in learner experience with a fully customisable introductory popup. Feature not offered


Teaching & Site Administration in Opentute

In terms of teaching and site administration, both Thinkific and Opentute provide all the standard features like changing email notification settings, changing payment settings, adding/importing new users, API, SSO, custom URL/domain, and so on. 

Both platforms are designed to make it easy to create, market, sell, and manage your courses. Both ensure you own and can export your learner data, provide comprehensive progress tracking, reporting, and analytics, deeply segment and email customers, allow you to enroll an unlimited number of learners, and deliver completion certificates to learners.

When it comes to administering a growing site, a few points differ:

Opentute Thinkific
Various access personas Opentute provides various personas like tutors, mentors, influencers, experts, facilitators, and so on. This allows you to create multiple access controls. Features not available.
Customised help settings for each module. With Opentute, you can customise all the help sections with text, image,s and videos. This allows you to create a branded experience, not possible anywhere. Features not available.
Controlling the visibility of modules You can change the visibility of modules present in Opentute that allows you to create a super clean user interface for learners. This allows you to enable and disable features as your business grows. Features not available.


Support in Opentute

Thinkific support is only available to their pro users and onboarding packages only for their premier clients.

However, Opentute provides equal support to all users. Opentute has a core value of being fanatical about customer success, and we believe our true colors shine through on this. 

Opentute provides, by default, email support, phone support when required, onboarding and training sessions to all our customers. This makes it a better alternative to Thinkific for companies who need a lot of hand-holding in the initial stage of their business.


Thinkific’s plan starts from zero to $499 USD. Opentute’s plan starts from zero to $1,499 USD. However, Opentute provides an awesome $4 per user plan which allows businesses to kick start their training business at a minimum cost of $40 per month and have access to all the features. This is hands-down the best offer ever provided by any learning experience/management platform. 

Thinkific’s free plan is very limited and as you start using the platform, you are prompted to pay to unlock more features. This can result in hidden costs not visible on the pricing page. 

Still not sure which platform you want to go with?

If you are still unsure about which platform to choose, let’s just run through things that Thinkific doesn’t have.

  1. No mobile apps
  2. No coaching and booking features
  3. No dropbox like features to host and share learning resources
  4. No ability to create your own marketplace of courses, coaches, and learners
  5. Highly customisable and brandable web/mobile learning platform
  6. No comprehensive community management platform
  7. No features to grow from selling just online courses to building a subscription-based community business
  8. No admin features like calendars, events, Q&A, language support, email newsletters, and so on
  9. Transparent pricing 

We believe this to be the most comprehensive comparison of these platforms on the planet – and we hope that it will help you make the best decision for your business. 

Opentute is simple to use and you can sign up, upload your course content, and launch in only a few minutes. When you’re ready for advanced features, they’re there. Opentute offers a robust online learning platform that is able to grow with any instructor. We’d love you to join us.

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