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COVID Iso-learning

As an Instructional Designer, for many years I designed learning at Universities, Colleges and various companies creating courses for a range of stakeholders. I was fortunate to work across many LMSes (Learning Management Systems) and I discovered many would have trouble with progression and completion.

By comparison, social media was on the rise – addictive and engaging, everyone was glued to their devices. This suggested a social learning newsfeed with micro-learning and groups could better help facilitate the learning process. Hence, Opentute was born – a mobile-first app to socialise and democratise education. 

Then, along came COVID, drastically increasing our reliance on tools to connect through video, chat and platforms – for work but also for training and general communication. What we have learned since then is that connection is more important than ever. 

We have upgraded Opentute and native apps to improve how learners and educators connect online. More than an old-school learning management system, Opentute enables you to create networks, and micro-networks of learning, with resources, events, calendars and live training for a more human approach to learning delivery, even in isolation in a pandemic.

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