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Learning Design Templates

When designing elearning, it’s tempting to jump straight into building the course straight into your learning platform. However, for optimal learning outcomes and engagement, it’s best to step back and apply some instructional design fundamentals. However, I am often asked by subject matter experts ‘Where do I start?’

Here’s a standard approach for instructional design, in this case for a 15-30 minute module:

  • STEP 1: Bring all your existing content together
  • STEP 2: Set out 3-5 learning objectives for your module and align each to a section of learning
  • STEP 3: Create a High Level Design: basically this is an outline of the key topics you’ll produce to meet each learning outcome
  • STEP 4: Create a Content Treatment – often, this is called a Storyboard but it’s basically the blue print for each page of the learning module and should include images, videos, scripts and define where a page should be interactive
  • STEP 5: Now you’re ready to start building the actual course!


We have prepared two templates that you can download and use for free here:

  • This includes a template to design the overall course design at a high level (High Level Design) and a template to write the full content, instructions and plan your interactive screens (Content Treatment).

If you have any questions on where to start with designing a course, please don’t hesitate to book a free consultation at