Advisory Board

Darren Oemcke

Strategist | Implementation | Marketer | Educator | Mentor

Creative strategist working across multiple sectors with an eye on the massive opportunities and risks of technological change.

Implementing business process improvement with an eye on customers, improved performance and more effective business systems policy implementation and processes. Modernising digital systems for production, data and transaction management.

Marketer designing customer-focussed experiences, developing big data implementations for smaller businesses and helping companies to demystify post-digital marketing.

Educator in customer engagement, public speaking, communication and marketing.

Mentoring executives and company founders.

Sector experience includes water, wine, environment, food, ag, mining, Apps, IT, health, platforms, luxury products, tourism, manufacturing, bioscience, education, training. Startups to multinationals and NFPs.

I am an experienced director of companies and not-for-profits and co-founder of Hydra Consulting, software developer Bowerbase and wine tourism business Invina.

Ilya Frolov

Investor | Director|Advisor

Ilya Frolov is a resourceful Director and Entrepreneur, having enjoyed a progressively successful career building strategic partnerships, investing in technology startups and advising flourishing businesses. He has provided strategic consultative direction to executives and management across an array of sectors including technology, finance, telecommunication and internet-based companies.

Ilya brings his local and international network of HNWI, institutional and strategic investors, having gained a reputation for having a global vision and venture investment. He currently leads and supports a number of local and international investment initiatives, leveraging his deep understanding of the venture investment and capital raising process.

Ilya is most inspired when building collaboration across international borders and negotiating multi-million dollar investment opportunities in highly competitive markets. Ilya held positions as the venture capital Investment director of Oxygen Ventures, as well as running and operating companies in the UK, Monaco, Ukraine and Australia and brings a unique insight into what drives international success.

Ilya has an Honours in Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) from Monash University, a Masters of Arts (Communication) at RMIT and an Executive MBA from the International University of Monaco. He is also a mentor of the Young Business Forum (YBF) associated with the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce and an active member of the Australia China Business Council in Victoria.

Alex Gesell

Banking Strategy | Entrepreneur

Alex Gesell comes from an investment banking strategy and operations background and is now based in London where he works on various investments, most notably in the hospitality industry.