Tips: How to Sell online courses in 2021?

Sell Online Courses 2021 - Opentute LMS

Today, virtually anyone can sell online courses on various online learning platforms. As a result, we have online courses for almost every topic imaginable. If you want to upskill for your career or just learn new skills as a hobby, you can just take an online course. Even traditional education institutions are moving to online […]

Opentute vs Thinkific : Thinkific Alternative

Opentute vs Thinkific

In this post, we will provide you with a comprehensive comparison to show how Opentute is a better alternative to Thinkific.  Choosing the right online learning or training platform for your business has never been so difficult. The rise of the creator’s economy has triggered multiple me too platforms that promise trainers and coaches to […]

Learning Marketplaces

Opentute Marketplace - Sell online course

There are some cool and powerful marketplaces out there: for example, Upwork and Freelancer allow you to hire remote staff on-demand; Udemy lets you publish and profit-share short elearning courses; and Facebook Marketplace lets you sell stuff to each other. To name a few…  However, what if you wanted to create a marketplace for learning […]

Uncovering Secrets of Building a Vibrant Online Community for Training Companies

Online Community Management

What does it take to build a vibrant online community? Influencers, celebrity endorsements, capital investments – what are the essential ingredients for building an online community?  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are some of the most popular online communities. But these communities are not built on learning experiences.  More importantly, is it possible to build […]

10 practical tips for converting Face-to-face Workshops to Virtual Training in 2020

face-to-face-workshops to virutal LMS

Have you been struggling to transition your face-to-face workshops into a virtual training platform? You might not be alone, many of us are still figuring out the best practices to conduct online training and workshops. Thousands of universities, colleges, schools and training organisations across the world have been forced to adopt digital learning tools. This […]

3 Step guide on how to create a learning community using Opentute as your online academy


Covid-19 has accelerated the digital transformation of knowledge-based businesses around the world. As a result, training and coaching businesses are struggling to learn and adopt new skills and technologies. You might be already using Zoom, Skype and other video conferencing tools to carry out coaching sessions. But how are you planning to create a learning community that […]