Case study: Digital Transformation of Prime Practice from traditional to online mobile training platform – Opentute

Client: Prime Practice Industry: Education Management

With the help of Opentute, Prime Practice has been able to scale the delivery of their learning programs globally.

Opentute solves a fabulous problem in terms of its ease of change and ease of editing the material there. If we as a business find that something isn’t working, it is super important that we are able to pivot, and change direction or message or the focus of the content that we are delivering and Opentute makes that easy.


Key Challenges

The global pandemic has accelerated the adoption of online learning platforms across the world, but many training and education organisations are still battling to set up a reliable and robust online training program.

In the world where physical training is close to impossible, most of the training organisations are left to reimagine their training and coaching workshops. But having implemented online solutions prior to the global pandemic, Prime Practice has found itself in an advantageous position ready to face the challenges.

Prime Practice has been able to deliver live and on-demand online training programs at a scale to dental practitioners across the world.

Organisations need seamless systems and typically what happens is that we have a number of individual disparate systems that require the maximum amount of labour to be able to coordinate all of that information. The integration of Opentute with Zapier allows all of these systems to talk together and streamline the operation of the business.