Case study: How Wine Australia delivered 90% NPS Score with Online Training Program – Opentute

Client: Wine Australia Industry: Wine & Spirits

With the help of Opentute, Wine Australia has been delivering highly engaging and successful training programs to the wine sector through virtual training programs.

Opentute is a user-friendly learning tool that has allowed us to share and deliver a suite of online learning materials nationally. The learnings are easy to create and give us the flexibility to moderate which audiences view our content. We’ve received fantastic support in establishing our portal and now other business areas are adopting its use.


Key Challenges

The global pandemic has accelerated the adoption of online learning platforms across the world, but many training and education organisations are still battling to set up a reliable and robust online training program.

Software is just one piece of the puzzle, it requires a successful partnership between the tool and the trainer to deliver high-quality online training programs. In the world where physical training is close to impossible, most training organisations are left to reimagine their training and coaching workshops.

Wine Australia has been able to deliver multiple successful workshops with 90% NPS score and build an engaging community of winery owners in a single platform and position itself as a thought leader in the industry.