Case study: How Not-For-Profit Organisation is using Learning Management System to transform their organisation – Opentute

Client: Lifestyle Connections Industry: Not-For-Profit

With the help of Opentute, Lifestyle Connections has been delivering effective internal online training and communication programs to empower staff to execute on their mission.

The Opentute platform has provided a really convenient, accessible and time- efficient way for staff to meet their reporting and training obligations. Also now new employees can complete their induction through the course developed in the platform. The platform has not only saved time and added convenience for the support staff but also for their direct supervisors through real-time feedback using mobile apps.


Key Challenges

Lifestyle Connections has more than 60-70 support workers serving around 70-80 people. All the services are NDIS Approved and each support worker has to be inducted properly to ensure they abide by all the rules and regulations. This is mission-critical for the workforce in the disability sector.

The key challenges, therefore, was to ensure that new staff members were inducted in time and they were made up-to-date with all the protocols and procedures. With the implementation of NDIS, the staff members had doubled and the platform has allowed them to onboard new workers quickly and efficiently.

As a not-for-profit organisation, Lifestyle Connections has been able to successfully implement a learning experience platform to empower internal teams to collaborate and communicate effectively. This has allowed the company to build a productive company culture.

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