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Well, Katya (COO) and I have just returned from a 10 week tour of duty in Europe where we set up an office in Thinclab incubator, France, as the Opentute gateway to the EU and UK (post Brexit). After some exciting discussions with Universities and Accelerators as potential clients in London, I was off to […]

How to Maximise EngagementYour Learning Management System (LMS) Get Social There are many learning management systems and most fail to truly engage the network itself. Opentute has created a platform that puts people ahead of the tool – it’s about you, so we’ve optimised the creation, admin and learner experiences. Moreover, you will be part of […]

Le portail ASSIST permet aux professionnels d’apprendre les meilleures stratégies pour gérer la dépendance en apprenant de leurs pairs et en accédant aux ressources et vidéos mises à disposition par le Centre collaborateur de l’OMS à l’Université d’Adélaïde. Cliquez sur le logo ci-dessus pour vous inscrire gratuitement aujourd’hui. Le portail CRYPTO a commencé à partir […]

During the last four months Opentute co-founders Katya Komarova and Travis Clapp have been participating in the Accelerator Program by Slingshot ‘HR Tech’. We have been working closely with the amazing mentors and cohort as well as program partners such as Hudson, UTS, Seek and others. On the 23rd of August we did a Pitch in-front of […]

By Caleb Radford / 3rd of August, 2017 Lead South Australia. AN EDUTECH startup is changing the way online portals operate by adding a social aspect to learning. Opentute was developed by husband and wife team Travis Clapp and Katya Komarova in South Australia. Similar to workplace social media platform Slack, Opentute is primarily a B2B mobile-first service where […]