Opentute takes a mobile-first approach to building a learning community.

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Key Features of Opentute


Save time and money publishing courses rapidly, in-house

Flexible Learning Builder – sell courses, access with credit card; or publish
as VIP-only, public, hidden or private.


Automate thousands of actions using Zapier

Create infinitely powerful automation process for on-boarding new learners or for internal work purposes by synchronising triggers/actions with Opentute and over 1000 apps like Calendly, Eventbrite and Shopify.


Instant message and chat in channels via desktop of app

Enjoy free use of the Opentute app with a branded experience for users once registered or logged in, with instant messaging and push notifications.


Customisable Public Landing Pages

Promote your Learning modules (courses) with search engine optimisable landing pages; our easy editor makes it easy to brand your portal and keep your front pages up to date.


Enable Stripe for credit card payments and commissions

Sell courses or memberships to your portal or channels.


Sync Calendly to sell live training

Use the power of synchornised calendars and Zoom to sell your time.

More Awesome Features

The all-in-one platform for Elearning communities

Easy to use course builder

Build Quizzes and Check point easily

Engage users with not only quizzes and surveys but also Check Points, which is essentially assessment via chat in a course page.

Create pathways using pre-requisites

Enable custom learning journeys by unlocking one or more module upon completion of a prerequisite.

Simple Certificates

Providing custom certificates for completion of one or more learning modules and gives a sense of satisfaction for learners.

Create resource libraries

Keep and manage all your files in one place.

Custom on-boarder

Customise the welcome popup for new users with video, text and images to really make new learners feel welcome.

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Integrate with powerful apps

Use Survey Monkey, Youtube, Google Slides, Instagram videos, Canva slides, embedded PDFs and much more!

Embed your existing work and favourite apps into learning activities.


If you already have existing modules in SCORM format, you can simply upload these as Learning activities.

Powerful reporting for Super Admin, Learning/Channel admins and Learners; access to Google analytics and more tools on the way!

Measure success of engagement with our powerful reporting and analytics tools.

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The all-in-one platform for Elearning communities
The all-in-one platform for Elearning communities


Set Super Admin commissions

Earn money from transactions in your marketplace via commissions.

Set Stripe with price to sell learning modules

Enable Approved Experts to sell their time.

Flexible Channel Builder – sell monthly subscriptions with credit card; or publish as VIP-only, public, hidden or private

Engage groups of learners or team members in a myriad of ways.

Charge for group membership

Enable Stripe to charge monthly membership to Learning Channels and groups.

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Learning management system & Sell online courses with Opentute LMS

It doesn’t stop there!

Sign in with email, Linkedin, Facebook or Google

Simplify how your user logs into your portal.

Create and manage events

Manage your training events in one place and promote via channels or the newsfeed.

Email broadcasts

Enjoy sending simple but powerful micro-learning email broadcasts to your entire learning community or any channel of users.

Use Questions library for knowledge sourcing

Use @tagging for members or groups of users to crowd source knowledge from within your learning community.

Simple invitations and custom support

Enable certain user types to invite other users to grow your community.

Enroll a channel of users into one or more learning modules

Simplify how users are managed in cohorts and groups.

Free access to Open Institute at myopentute.com

Access news updates, the open community, and promote or even sell your services into the growing marketplace.

Custom email notifications

We offer users very granular access to how they are notified via email – in particular, this can be useful for course builders and admins.

Powerful profile builders

All users can constantly add to their profile and rapidly access, their enrolled learning, channels, reports and connections.

Newsfeed with post and comment updates from Super Admin, Approved Experts, profiles and channels you follow

Enjoy the benefits of micro-learning by pushing update to your followers and or members of your channel/groups – like, tag, email broadcast and comment to promote continual engagement.

Infinity Plans are the perfect way to grow your learning community without worrying about paying per month for each user

Save money enjoying your learner numbers won’t impact your monthly nor yearly costs!

Bespoke solutions & consultation

We partner with WebDesignCafe to provide bespoke IT support and custom development to meet your needs, including elearning creation and consultation; this means we’re an all-in-one vendor!

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