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License Notes

Our pricing plans are available at https://opentute.com/#pricing

Last Revised 27th July 2018

Private Portal Licenses

For new plans after June 1st 2018, all plans are a minimum period of 18 months. Cancel at any time. Early termination fees apply. An Active user is one who logs in during the payment period. *Excludes GST.

General Payments Notes


Other Notes

A Private Portal is driven by the Opentute engine, with upgrades and backup cycles as hosted within Opentute.com, generally using Amazon Web Services (AWS) and AWS Backup services.

The Private Portal Super Administrator is the Account holder responsible for all payments and end user privacy terms, conditions and agreements.

Any taxes must be included in a given transaction price.

Ongoing technical support and digital design are costed separately.

Terms and Conditions apply, as available at https://opentute.com/private-label-agreement.