Fees and Charges

Last Revised 31st of October 2019.

General Payments Notes

  • Super Admin –The Super Admin (or ‘Portal Admin’) is the Account holder responsible for all license payments related to the portal account, aside from individual transactions for users. 
  • Channel Gurus – there may be more than one administrator of a Channel but there must be a single Channel Account Admin (‘Guru’), the only admin who can collect membership fees to their account for the given Channel. Stripe account must be linked to the Channel Guru account to accept payments and channel membership fee be set up.
  • Learning Experts – to sell Learning, an Expert must first link a Stripe account in ‘Payments’ and set a price.
  • Channel membership – Channels may be published as free ($0), for either public or private (request only) access. Channel Gurus may also charge a monthly membership fee using a valid Stripe account. A 30 day free trial applies to anyone paying membership on a channel and membership may be cancelled at any time. Membership fees are charges to the member’s credit card monthly after the 30 day trial has completed.
  • Transaction Fees 2%: Opentute charges a 2% fee for any transaction. Stripe additionally charges a commission per transaction (estimated at <2.9% plus 30 cents – refer to Stripe terms and conditions). In addition, the Super Admin of any portal may charge a processing fee for use on their portal, which may vary from 0% to 50% of the total charge.
  • GST or included taxes: Where services are collected in Australia, 10% GST must be included and indicated by the seller within the set charge.


  • Platform charges are in USD, but we may display conversions in other currencies, including AUD.
  • In some cases, clients will be charged in AUD at a (March 30th 2018) rate of $1.30 to US$1.
  • Where services are collected in Australia, 10% GST must be charged (as inclusive GST) by the user accepting payment.
  • Users are responsible for collecting and including any other taxes applicable in the given region.
  • For official tax invoices, users must contact the payee.
  • All fees are deducted from each transaction upon release.
  • For digital services, where an invoice is overdue by over 7 days, any debt collection fees will be charged as an additional cost payable by the client.

Other Notes:

A Private Portal is driven by the Opentute engine, with upgrades and backup cycles as hosted within Opentute.com, generally using Google Cloud and/or Amazon Web Services (AWS) and AWS Backup services.

The Private Portal Super Administrator is the Account holder responsible for all payments and end user privacy terms, conditions and agreements.

Any taxes must be included in a given transaction price.

Ongoing technical support and digital design are costed separately.

Terms and Conditions apply.