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Customer Testimonials

One of the best things about Opentute is how easy it is to use. It’s very straight-forward to set up a Learning (module), publish and share with a community of learners.

Darren Oemcke, Consultant, Hydra Consulting

Previously we relied upon face to face training workshops. Using Opentute, we have scope to reach people in rural and remote areas of Australia and internationally.

Jennifer Harland, Senior Project Coordinator, ASSIST Program (The University of Adelaide)

Opentute is helping our organisation to broaden the reach and effectiveness of our communication with the Australian grape and wine industry. As a peak national body, this is a user friendly tool that allows us to offer greater value to our members and the wider industry to better connect, communicate and learn.

Matthew Moate WISA, CEO

The disability sector is undergoing a significant reform resulting in a rapid rate of change (and opportunities) for providers. Opentute is assisting our organisation and the greater community to work together in more efficient, effective and accessible ways. The team at Opentute have been very responsive and understanding to the specific needs of our sector.

Leo Brunker Service Manager, Lifestyle Connections Association Inc.

Opentute solves a fabulous problem in terms of its ease of change and ease of editing the material there. If we as a business find that something isn’t working, it is super important that we are able to pivot, and change direction or message or the focus of the content that we are delivering and Opentute makes that easy.

Harvey James, Coach, Prime Practice


Organisations need seamless systems and typically what happens is that we have a number of individual disparate systems that require the maximum amount of labour to be able to coordinate all of that information. The integration of Opentute with Zapier allows all of these systems to talk together and streamline the operation of the business.

Dr Steve Turner, General Manager Online Learning, Prime Practice

It was really fantastic to work with Travis Clapp and his team. Together we were able to identify challenges, come up with solutions and develop something that was easy to use.

Dr Andrew Scheibe, University of Pretoria’s (UP) Department of Family Medicine

Opentute is a user-friendly learning tool that has allowed us to share and deliver a suite of online learning materials nationally. The learnings are easy to create and give us the flexibility to moderate which audiences view our content. We’ve received fantastic support in establishing our portal and now other business areas are adopting its use.

Amanda Moretta, Program Coordinator, Wine Australia

As an educator and health professional, I have worked with many companies and institutions over the years. Opentute was able to provide a learner-centric approach that enhanced learner outcomes. This product has improved the outcomes of our research project, the ASSIST.

Dr Robert Ali, Clinical Affiliate and Associate Professor Discipline of Pharmacology, University of Adelaide

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